3 thoughts on “Verdure”

  1. Wow Sal, Wellington is going to seem so boring when you get back. How is your Italian going? Are you conversing at the market, or pointing?
    It’s been such a wonderful opportunity for you both – think how much money /carbon credits, you are saving by doing all this travelling whilst in Italy.


    1. M, Thanks for reading and commenting.
      I am certainly learning a great deal about Italy and Italian life. My Italian allows me to shop but little else. I have created a shopping list in Italian so I know what to ask for and how to ask for specific quantities around which there are a few quirks. I like the way everything is regional so there is different traditional foods in each city. In fact until recently regional dialects were regularly used so some food has different names. Living in a totally different community where you don’t really understand the language or the culture gives you a different perspective.
      I am looking forward to cooking you an Italian meal when we get home.


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